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2.45.010 Food service manager training and certification.
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Rules and regulations of the Snohomish Health District Board of Health governing food service manager training and certification course.

The Board of Health does authorize the Health Officer and his representatives to implement the following actions:

A. Create and provide a training program consisting of 12 hours of classroom instruction for food service industry managers, owners and operators.

B. Establish an interim enrollment fee initially set at $75.00 per student for the remainder of calendar year 1990.

C. Provide and maintain a self-inspection program for managers who complete the training program. Managers who wish to enroll in the program would be obliged to submit to the food program office monthly inspection reports (Form DOH 334-001) of their establishment. Any manager who fails to submit reports in a timely manner will be dropped from the program.

D. Any facility whose manager completes the program at the end of the calendar year will be eligible for a rebate on the permit fee for that facility. That rebate amount will be initially established in the 1991 fee schedule, and thereafter by the current year fee schedule. [Res. 13-07. Res. 96-02. Res. 93-32, Eff. 11/09/93. Res. 90-32. Prior code § 10.3].