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A. Issuance. Whenever the Health Officer determines that a violation of this chapter has occurred or is occurring, he/she may issue a written notice and order to correct violation to the property owner or to any person causing, allowing, or participating in the violation.

B. Content. The notice and order to correct violation shall contain:

1. The name and address of the property owner or other persons to whom the notice and order to correct violation is directed;

2. The street address or description sufficient for identification of the property upon or within which the violation has occurred or is occurring;

3. A description of the violation and a reference to the provision of this chapter that has been violated;

4. A statement of the action required to be taken to correct the violation and a date or time by which correction is to be completed;

5. A statement that each violation of this chapter shall be a separate and distinct offense; and

6. A statement that the enumerated violations cited per SHDC 2.15.110(A) have resulted in the issuance of civil penalties as described in SHDC 2.15.110(B).

C. Service of Order. The notice and order to correct violation shall be served upon the person to whom it is directed, either personally or by mailing a copy of the notice and order to correct violation by first class and certified mail postage prepaid, return receipt requested, to such person at his/her last known address.

D. Extension. Upon written request received prior to the correction date or time, the Health Officer may extend the date set for corrections for good cause. The Health Officer may consider substantial completion of the necessary correction or unforeseeable circumstances that render completion impossible by the date established as a good cause.

E. Supplemental Order to Correct Violation. The Health Officer may at any time add to, rescind in part, or otherwise modify a notice and order to correct violation. The supplemental order shall be governed by the same procedures applicable to all notice and order to correct violation procedures contained in this section.

F. Enforcement of the Notice and Order to Correct Violation. If, after notice and order to correct violation is duly issued by the Health Officer, the person to whom such notice is directed fails, neglects, or refuses to obey such notice, the Health Officer may:

1. Cause such person to be prosecuted under this title; and/or

2. Institute any appropriate action to collect a penalty assessed under this title; and/or

3. Pursue any other appropriate remedy at law or equity under this title. [Res. 04-06. Prior code § 3.1(XII)].