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Documentation of work performed by the monitoring and maintenance specialist, submitted to SHD in electronic format within 30 days from the date of service. The certified monitoring and maintenance specialist who performs a limited repair measure will be required to submit a limited repair report accurately describing the work performed, including:

A. Address of property.

B. Parcel number of property.

C. Owner of property.

D. Description of work performed, including:

1. Any adjustments or calibrations performed on the system and related components such as changes to timer and dose settings.

2. A list of system components that are replaced or added including the name of the manufacturer and model number.

3. A list of components that were repaired along with an accurate description of the work performed.

E. Name and certificate number of person performing the work.

F. Signature and date. [Res. 12-15. Prior code § 8.7 (Supplement)(VIII)].