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In addition to the definitions found in Chapter 4.35 SHDC, Section 2 of the Guidelines for Determining Water Availability for New Buildings, Ecology Publication 93-27, April 1993, and Chapter 173-160 WAC, the following shall apply:

“Adequate” means meeting the source siting, construction and quantity requirements of these supplemental procedures.

“Individual water supply (IWS)” consists of one source serving one single-family residence or one source serving two single-family residence structures or units and is exempt from the State Department of Health (DOH) Drinking Water Regulations, Chapter 246-291 WAC.

“Potable” means meeting the water quality parameters as established in these supplemental procedures. [Res. 02-13. Revised 01/31/03. Revised 02/09/98. Res. 96-13 § 3. Prior code § 9.1 (Attachment) (III)].