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A. In accordance with state and local regulations, the Snohomish Health District (SHD) performs assessments of proposed and existing individual water supplies (IWSs) for adequacy and potability. These assessments are for the purposes of establishing proof of adequate and potable water as a part of the approval process for subdivisions, building permits and/or issuance of permits for installation of on-site sewage disposal systems. Further, assessments are requested in response to inquiries received from individuals, agencies, and other entities seeking information regarding IWSs.

B. The following “Supplemental Drinking Water Policies and Procedures for Individual Water Systems” (supplemental procedures) are established pursuant to Chapters 4.25 through 4.40 SHDC and SHDC Title 5, prescribing minimum requirements, standards, and procedures for assessment and use of IWSs, prescribing data to be disclosed to the Environmental Health Division concerning the use of IWSs and setting forth the information to be furnished to the Environmental Health Division prior to response by SHD to any request for assessment of a particular IWS. Nothing contained in this process shall be construed to prevent the Health Officer from requiring compliance with higher requirements than those contained herein where such higher requirements are essential to maintain a safe and sanitary condition and protect public health. [Res. 02-13. Revised 01/31/03. Revised 02/09/98. Res. 96-13 § 3. Prior code § 9.1 (Attachment) (I, II)].