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These rules and regulations are enacted as an exercise of the powers and duties of the Snohomish Health District Board of Health to preserve, promote and improve the public health. The provisions herein shall be liberally construed for the accomplishment of the purposes.

Further, these regulations are intended to allow and support the Snohomish Health District (SHD) in carrying out the responsibilities and duties contained in Chapters 4.25 through 4.40 SHDC and SHDC Title 5.

It is the specific intent of these rules and regulations to place the obligation of compliance upon the owner of an individual water system. No provision of, nor term used in, these rules and regulations is intended to impose any duty upon the Snohomish Health District or any of its employees. [Res. 96-13. Res. 93-32, Eff. 11/09/93. Prior code § 9.1(II)].