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The Snohomish Health District Board of Health finds that there is sufficient risk of illness, including illness caused by E. coli 0157:H7, associated with swimming at fresh water beaches to enact these regulations. Under the authority of RCW 70.05.060, 70.05.070 and 70.90.125, the Board of Health of Snohomish Health District does extend the requirements of WAC 246-260-180, Bathing Beaches, to require the following:

Public bathing beaches are a type of water recreation facility designated for swimming in natural waters. The operator of any fresh water public bathing beach within Snohomish County, including its incorporated cities and towns, shall be responsible for implementing these regulations.

Fresh water public bathing beaches operated by any city, town or other governmental or private entity within Snohomish County shall, at a minimum:

A. Make written educational material easily available for users of the public bathing beach, stating that Snohomish Health District recommends the following:

1. Persons with an infectious illness, including vomiting or diarrhea within the past seven days, should not enter the beach waters.

2. Persons should shower thoroughly before entering the beach waters.

3. Children who are not toilet trained should not enter the water.

4. Small children should be taken on frequent bathroom breaks to avoid contamination of the beach water.

5. All persons, including children, should thoroughly wash hands with soapy water after using the restroom or changing diapers and before entering the beach water.

6. All persons, especially children, should be careful not to swallow any beach water.

7. Swimmers should wash their hands and face thoroughly with soapy water after swimming and before eating or preparing food.

8. Pets should not be allowed in the public bathing beach waters or nearby inflowing streams and should be kept on a leash at all times. Pet droppings should be immediately collected by the owner and disposed of in a sanitary manner.

9. Waterfowl should not be fed or otherwise encouraged to be in the public bathing beach area.

B. Provide easily visible signs at all times at the beach, stating the following:

The swimming waters at this beach are not treated to control spread of disease. Swimming beach water, if swallowed, can sometimes cause illness because of bacteria, viruses or parasites in the water. All beach users should follow bathing beach recommendations to prevent contamination of the water and should avoid swallowing of any beach water.

Written educational materials and signage shall be in such language(s) as determined to be appropriate for the users of the public bathing beach.

Fresh water public bathing beaches operated by any city, town, or other governmental or private entity within Snohomish County shall attempt to place restrooms and handwashing facilities in a location convenient to the public bathing beach.

By July 1, 2000, Snohomish Health District shall meet with governmental and private entities to specifically identify beaches to which the regulations shall apply. [Res. 00-17, Eff. 08/01/00. Prior code § 7.1.2].