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Public or common nuisances shall include the following:

A. Polluting of the groundwater, any water supply, or any body of water with sewage, or any solid or liquid waste harmful to humans.

B. Sale or distribution of any food which is decayed, contaminated, adulterated, or found to be otherwise unsafe for human consumption.

C. Accumulation or disposal of solid waste, toxic waste, garbage, or animal manure in any manner not in accordance with the Sanitary Code.

D. Disposal of human sewage or sewage effluent in any manner not in accordance with the Sanitary Code; or the use of human sewage for fertilizing purposes for crops, gardens, or lawns.

E. Harboring animals in such a manner as to pose a threat of transmitting infectious disease to the public or to otherwise present a danger to the public health.

F. Maintaining for common use any drinking cup, utensils, dishware, containers, towels, cloths, clothing or bedding which is not cleaned and sanitized between individual usage.

G. The presence of smoke, fumes, chemicals, dusts or other like substances in an enclosed public place in a manner which endangers the public health or is in violation of any specific requirements of the Sanitary Code.

H. Activities which result in the gathering or infestation of disease carrying vectors to such an extent as to pose a threat to the public health. [Revised by Board of Health 11/21/00. Res. 93-32, Eff. 11/09/93. Prior code § 2.2.1].