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Although not required for the purpose of initiating the appeal procedure, any applicant or one with a proprietary interest in the subject property feeling aggrieved by the decision under dispute is encouraged to avail himself/herself of the opportunity to request an office conference with the Health District Official who made the decision. Such conference will permit a free exchange of viewpoints. The Health District Official will be expected to discuss and clarify the reason(s) for the decision and the regulations which are applicable. The individual dissatisfied with the decision may present his/her position and submit any information he/she feels has not been adequately considered in making the decision. A Health District Manager may attend such conference. If the individual presents information not previously available or raises issues not previously addressed, the department may undertake an additional review of the matter following the conference. [Res. 11-35, Eff. 12/13/11. Res. 97-02, Eff. 01/14/97. Res. 96-27, Eff. 12/17/96. Res. 95-16, Eff. 05/09/95. Res. 93-32, Eff. 11/09/93. Prior code § 1.9.4].