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A. The Examiner shall have the power to maintain order and decorum during the conduct of all hearings before the Examiner.

B. In the event that any person or persons interrupts any hearings before the Examiner such that it becomes not feasible to conduct an orderly hearing, and order cannot be restored by removal of the individual(s) interrupting the hearing, the following steps may be taken:

1. The Examiner may order the hearing room cleared and continue in session; or

2. The Examiner may adjourn the hearing and reconvene the hearing at another location.

C. Whenever the Examiner deems it necessary to reconvene a hearing in a new location because of interruptions preventing an orderly hearing at the regular hearing room location:

1. Final disposition may be taken only on matters appearing on the agenda at the time the disturbance arose leading to an adjustment.

2. The Examiner may establish a procedure for readmitting any persons not responsible for the disturbance of the orderly conduct of the hearing.

D. If necessary, law enforcement personnel may be summoned by the Examiner to carry out any of the provisions of this rule. [Res. 93-32, Eff. 11/09/93. Res. 85-44. Prior code § 1.10.11].